Yoga 1 | how yoga works

60 minute class

The best place to start.

Learn how yoga works.

An estimated 2 billion people practice yoga world wide “because it works”

A good yoga session can give you the tools to be brave, stand tall, puff your chest and get stuff done, calmly.

You are worth it.

Perfect for beginners - great for everyone

Yoga 1 courses are offered on a regular basis through the year. The courses coincide with the Victorian school term dates. Check the 'dates' page for current term dates.

If you miss the starting date to enrol in a Yoga 1 Course then ring the studio and we will try to find a class time to suit you in the following week.

Please note:  If you have an injury or health concern, call the studio to discuss the appropriate class for your condition.

Yoga 1 course runs:

Tuesday 7:30pm 


75 minute class

Bring along your tool kit from YOGA 1 and get ready for discovery.

Your only jobs to be with you on the mat and see who you are.

Life has stress and no yoga is not a cure but it will help you see, feel and experiment with reactions.

A creative way to take care of each and every part of you.

Minimum 10 weeks YOGA 1 - Not suitable for your first time

We recommend you attend YOGA 1 and YOGA 2 once per week to rock the results.

Yoga 2 course runs: 

Thursday 6pm

Yoga 3 | Here and now

90 minute class

Life is full of stress and stressors and yoga is where we learn to see, feel and understand reaction.

Forwards, backwards, sideways, upside down and inside out, discover creative ways to approach stressful situations - in class and in life.

For the creative and adventurous - minimum 12 months committed practice - not suitable for beginners

To handle the work of YOGA 3 you must attend a minimum of 2 classes per week

YOGA 3 courses are offered on a regular basis through the year - The courses coincide with the Victorian school term dates. Call the studio for current course details and availability.

Yoga 3 courses run: 

Tuesday 6pm

Thursday 7:15pm

Slow and steady | Start slowly, and develop


75 minute class

Slow-Paced Yoga is designed for students who would prefer and/or benefit from a more slowly paced, less vigorous class or for those who need to work at a slower more detailed pace due to age, injury or recovery from illness.

The class is designed to help develop confidence & stability with a mind-body-breath balance while learning ways to stretch, strengthen and relax intelligently.

Slow and steady classes run:

Wednesday 7:15am

Iyengar Yoga is a physical practice therefore we use our bodies.  Expect that there will be some physical fatigue and muscle soreness after classes until your practice becomes regular and strong.

The level of instruction and use of props is to ensure that you learn at a steady and careful pace.

Students are expected to listen carefully to instruction, accept all props when given and take modifications when required.

If you have received an individual program you are expected to bring your program with you and follow it with the understanding that it is designed to help you improve without unnecessary risk.