Drysdale Classes

Term 3 - 2019 - 8 week course

Term 3 runs from Tuesday july 30th - Thursday sept 19th

Drysdale Course Pricing

1 course per week - $185

2 courses per week - $320

Please note: Term fees are due at the beginning of every term.

 Casual Pricing

Casual class - $27

Making Payments

Payments can be made one of three ways

  1. Via direct deposit. 

  2. In cash to Jo on the first day of the term

  3. Online


Direct Deposit - RECOMMENDED

BPI Yoga recommends direct deposit as the most efficient way to pay. 

These can be made into the following bank account:

Account Name: White Dog Studio

Please ensure you use your surname as the detail in your direct deposit payment.

Online payments

Please check that you have entered the correct amount when making an online payment.

*Online payments will have extra charges applied.

Visa/Matercard - 2.2%+55c
Amex/Diners - 4.4%+55c
Failed Transactions will be charged a 55c fee


Payment in Cash

Payments in cash should be made on the first day of term before your class.

Please endeavour to have the correct amount as change may not be available.



Enrolment Form

All student must fill in an enrolment form before attending their first course at White Dog Yoga or if anything changes regarding their health, injury or personal details.


Please ensure that you have booked in to the course via PUNCHLESS on ‘timetable’ page.

If you have any question please feel free to contact Jo on 0412 581 031 or email jo.angwin.yoga@gmail.com